Ron's other websites

Red Seadog - open source website for self-employed (with Erwin Winkel and Gosse de Jong)

Orde op Zaken - organizational constellations (with Daniël Dirk Kooimans)

Representanten Netwerk - National network of constellation facilitators and their representatives

Ecademy Twente - Regional entrepreneurs network: Winning by Sharing formulae

Attention Institute? - Attention Theory, as developed by Ron Wopereis

Wat is aandacht? - Nederlandse versie Theorie van de Aandacht (Attention Theory in Dutch )

Topfacilitator - Ron's expertise in facilitation and participation in creative thinking sessions

WebLog - Ron's blog about Pay On Demand, Attention as a Product, and Personal Growth stories from 2003

Cultural Fusion- a project with Yvette Dubel - a blog (in Dutch) about networking in the Netherlands